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By Ferramentas Blog

Cheats/Hacks - C.S 1.6 - ApocServ v2.6  

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 Release - ApocServ v2.6 - Language - English / Other

Size - About 1 MBY

Format - Zip/Rar/Exec./Other - Scan by a Antivirus Norton - Clean/No Virus

Files -1

Readme.Txt/NFO -No Info About

+ Extra Info / Suport / Credits / Souce Link

ApocServ v2.6 CS 1.6 Server Hack - How to install

- Copy the apocserv.dll into cstrike\dlls folder of your HLDS
- Change "dlls\mp.dll" to "dlls\apocserv.dll" in the line "gamedll" in file "liblist.gam"
- (Re)start your HLDS

- Copy the apocserv.so into cstrike/dlls folder of your HLDS
- Change "dlls/cs_i386.so" to "dlls/apocserv.so" in the line "gamedll_linux" in file "liblist.gam"
- (Re)start your HLDS

- Don't remove the original libraries

- Type 'rcon sc_password "yourpassword"' to set cheat access password
- As client type 'sc_auth "yourpassword"' to authenticate as cheat user
- Type 'sc_help' to get a list of available commands

Crash & Bug Issues:
- Remove the 'map de_dust' statement out of the server.cfg
- Install ia32-libs and g++-multilib package on linux
- Recommended Linux OS: Ubuntu 11.10
- Recommended server hoster: ckras.com
- Trace aimbot and rocket launcher will not work with Z-Bots

I don't support league play:
This Server Side Hack is intented to have
fun playing. It's not made for playing in
leagues. You couldn't event do that, because
of ACs are making screenshots, and when you
are in console and typing in a command and
getting feedback from the mod you would
obviously get banned (high risk). You can
play with it on your public server or when
playing fws, cws, irc matches... Well, just
everything which is not protected by a
screenshot taking anti-cheat program. For
VAC2 its logically "undetected", a game server
can't get banned from steam service. If it
would be that case (technically possible) then
MetaMod would also get banned. Keep that
in mind. 

Contact for support: #mp-hacks.de @ irc.rizon.net (Query sk0r)
Visit http://sk0r.cwsurf.de/apocserv/index.html for newest updates

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